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  • Original manufacturers of this product can enjoy a forever free listed service after approved (Find out how to get approved in “Description”).
  • By our free service, the manufacturer's name and website (or the product link) will be listed under “Original Manufacturers” of the corresponding product's page.
  • Extra fees will only be charged when the manufacturers also want to show their telephones & emails.
  • Our default service period is 1 year but you may choose longer than 1 year period to avoid policy or price change (For free service, it does not matter how long it is).



To get approved as an original manufacturer, you will need to prepare information and documents related with this product and submit them on Checkout page.

  • Information includes “Physical & Chemical Properties” such as appearance, melting point, boiling point, flash point, solubility; “Transportation & Storage” like conditions, shelf life, HS code;
  • Proof Documents such as its COA (Certificate of Analysis), Spectrums like NMR, IR, HPLC, UPLC, GC, MS, GC-MS, etc, Certificates about your company (ISO, GMP, FDA, EDQM, COS, REACH and etc)

None of the information or documents above are must. But the more you provide, the more possibly you will get approved as the original manufacturer. Our final judgement and determination will depend on both your provided information & documents and our experience in chemical industry. ChemWhat reserves the right of final explanation.

If we disapprove your request to be listed as an orignal manufacturer but you have paid extra fess for our list-telephone-and-email service, we will refund your payment by the orignal path.