ABC-type quaternary amine transporter EC#:

Product Name ABC-type quaternary amine transporter
Example Structure Example Structure of ABC-type quaternary amine transporter EC#:
Synonyms ABC transporter, BetTA.halophytica, glycine betaine porter II, glycine betaine transport system permease protein, glycine betaine transporter membrane protein, glycine betaine-binding protein, glycine betaine-binding protein OpuAC, glycine betaine/carnitine/choline-binding protein, glycine/betaine ABC transporter, N288_21505, N288_21525, N288_25665, OpuA, OpuAB, OpuAC, OpuB, OpuBC, OpuC, OpuCC, OpuD, OpuF, OpuF transporter, proline/betaine ABC transporter permease, ProU, proW, Quaternary-amine-transporting ATPase
EC Number
CAS Registry Number
Comments An ATP-binding cassette (ABC) type transporter, characterized by the presence of two similar ATP-binding domains/proteins and two integral membrane domains/proteins. Does not undergo phosphorylation during the transport process. A bacterial enzyme that interacts with an extracytoplasmic substrate binding protein and mediates the high affinity uptake of quaternary amine derivatives. Formerly EC?

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