DNA topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolysing) EC#:

Product Name DNA topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolysing)
Example Structure Example Structure of DNA topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolysing) EC#:
Synonyms ATP-dependent topoisomerase, ATP-dependent type I 5′-topoisomerase, deoxyribonucleic acid topoisomerase IIalpha, DNA gyrase, DNA gyrase B, DNA gyrase-B, DNA gyrB, DNA Top IIbeta, DNA Topo II, DNA topo IIalpha, DNA topoisomerase 2alpha, DNA topoisomerase II, DNA topoisomerase II alpha, DNA topoisomerase II beta, DNA topoisomerase IIalpha, DNA topoisomerase IIbeta, DNA topoisomerase IV, DNA topoisomerase type II, DNA topoisomerase VI, DNA topoisomerases II, DNA-topoisomerase II, DNA-topoisomerase II-alpha, DNATop2A, GyrA, gyrase, GyrB, gyrB ATPase, hTopoIIalpha, Isomerase, deoxyribonucleate topo-, II, microrchidia protein, MmT6, MORC1, More, NP170 proteins, Nuclear proteins 170,000-mol.wt., Protein Gp39, Protein Gp52, Protein Gp60, Proteins , NP170 (specific proteins and subclasses nuclear protein, 170,000-mol.-wt.), PsTopII, Reverse gyrase, SsT6, tIIalpha, Top2, top2a, Top2alpha, Top2b, TOP2mt, top6B, TopII, topIIalpha, topo II, topo II alpha, topo II-alpha, Topo IIA, Topo IIalpha, Topo IIbeta, topo IV, topo VI, topo-IIalpha, topo2alpha, TOPOII, topoIIalpha, topoIIbeta, topoisomerase 2 alpha, Topoisomerase II, topoisomerase II alpha, topoisomerase IIA, topoisomerase IIalpha, topoisomerase IIbeta, topoisomerase IV, Topoisomerase type II, topoisomerase VI, topoisomerase-II, topoIV, TopoNM, toposiomerase II, topoVI, topoVI-B, topR, TopR1, TopR2, type 2 DNA topoisomerase, type I topoisomerase, type II DNA topoisomerase, type II topoisomerase, Type II-DNA-topoisomerase, type IIA topoisomerase, type IIalpha DNA topoisomerase, type-II topoisomerase
EC Number
CAS Registry Number

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