DNA topoisomerase EC#:

Product Name DNA topoisomerase
Example Structure Example Structure of DNA topoisomerase EC#:
Synonyms ATP-independent type I topoisomerase, AtTop1, bcTopo I, bcTopo IIIbeta, bi-subunit topoisomerase I, Bi-subunit topoisomerase IB, Ca-Top1, CrTop1, Dam DNA topoisomerase III, Deoxiribonucleate topoisomerase, Deoxiribonucleic topoisomerase, DNA Top IB, DNA topo I, DNA topoisomerase, DNA topoisomerase 1, DNA topoisomerase I, DNA topoisomerase I alpha, DNA topoisomerase I-B, DNA topoisomerase IB, DNA topoisomerase III, DNA topoisomerase IIIalpha, DNA topoisomerase type I, EcTOP, ETOP, HssTopoI, HsTop1, hTop1p, hTopI, hTopo, htopo I, hTopo IIIalpha, hTopoI, human DNA topoisomerase I, human Top1, human topo I, human topoisomerase I, Isomerase, deoxiribonucleate topo-, Late protein H6, LdTop1, LdTOP1L, LdTOP1LS, LdTOP1S, LdTopIIIbeta, MimiTopIB, MsTopA, MtbTopA, mTopoI, MtTOP1, MttopoI, Nicking-closing enzyme, OjTop1, OlTop1, omega-Protein, OpTop1, PfTopI, PfTopoI, Poxviridae topoisomerase IB, Relaxing enzyme, Reverse gyrase, SiRe_1176, SsTop3, Swivelase, top I, Top1, TOP1alpha, TOP1mt, Top1p, TopA, TopI, TopIB, topo 1, Topo I, topo IB, topo V, topoI, Topoisomerase, topoisomerase 1, Topoisomerase I, topoisomerase I homolog, topoisomerase IB, topoisomerase III, topoisomerase IIIalpha, topoisomerase IIIbeta, topoisomerase IV, topoisomerase V, topoIV, TopR1, TpI, Type I DNA topoisomerase, type I topoisomerase, type IA DNA topoisomerase, type IA topoisomerase, type IB topoisomerase, type IB topoisomerase V, Untwisting enzyme, Vaccinia DNA topoisomerase I, variola topoisomerase IB, vTopo, yeast DNA topoisomerase I, yeastTop1, YpTOP, YrdD, YTOP
EC Number
CAS Registry Number
Comments These enzymes bring about the conversion of one topological isomer of DNA into another, e.g., the relaxation of superhelical turns in DNA, the interconversion of simple and knotted rings of single-stranded DNA, and the intertwisting of single-stranded rings of complementary sequences,?cf. EC? topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolysing).

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