V.Care Certificate

1. About “V.Care Certificate”2. “V.Care Certificate” example
3. How to check whether a company is holding a “V.Care Certificate”?4. Apply for a “V.Care Certificate”

1. About “V.Care Certificate”

  • V.Care Certificate is issued by ChemWhat which states the credit amount offered to a chemical company.
  • The credit amount is based on the security deposit paid by a company to ChemWhat which can be used to make up the loss of other companies who do business with it.
  • If you are doing business with a company holding a V.Care Certificate and suffer loss due to its responsibility , you may get in touch with ChemWhat and expect to get compensate of no more than the credit amount.
  • The companies who can hold V.Care Certificate are not only because they pay security deposit but also because they have good financial situation, excellent R&D or manufacturing capacity and positive credit history. V.Care Certificate is the recognition and affirmation of a company’s comprehensive capabilities.

2. “V.Care Certificate” example

3. How to check whether a company is holding a “V.Care Certificate”?

  • Search the company’s name by ChemWhat directly
  • Click the link below to fill a form to inquiry us.

4. Apply for a “V.Care Certificate”.

  • If you are interested in applying for a “V.Care Certificate”, please fill out the form below for a preliminary assessment.
  • Our staff may get in touch with you for more information or confirm your application intention after receiving your form.
  • Please fill out the form below or check our other “V.Care Services” on the right.

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