V.Care Collect

  • “V.Care Collect” is a escrow service provided by ChemWhat.
  • With deep understanding of chemicals’ properties, test methods/conditions, usage, shipment & storage, market and close relationship with chemical companies, institutions universities, ChemWhat has been named NO.1 choice by our customers globally .
  • We will charge 2% of the total transaction amount as the service fee. If it is less than $200, we will charge $200 as the minimum service fee. The fee does not include any bank charges or charges for other service which may be requested in the transaction such as retest, supervision, shipping and etc..
  • Our collect service is greatly supported by the following banks:
  • Please fill out the form below or check our other “V.Care Services” on the right.

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After receiving your inquiry:

  • 1. We will reconfirm the transaction and all points with both parties including Product Identification, Price, Quantity, Specs and Test Methods/Conditions, Delivery and Payment Term and etc..
  • 2. Then, we will collect payment from the buyer, holds it and inform the seller to complete the necessary retest delivery.
  • 3. After the product is delivered, we will pay close attention to the test result from the buyer.
  • 4. Once we receive the notice from the buyer to release the payment, we pay the seller within 2 work days after subtracting the service fees.
  • 5. If there are any disputes, ChemWhat will be a coordinator to make judgement and give solutions.

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