Zonisamide Sulfonic Acid Impurity CAS#: 4865-84-31

IdentificationPhysical DataSpectra
Route of Synthesis (ROS)Safety and HazardsOther Data


Product NameZonisamide Sulfonic Acid Impurity
Molecular Structure
CAS Registry Number 4865-84-31
MDL Number
Beilstein Registry Number
Molecular FormulaC8H7NO4S
Molecular Weight213.21
InChI Key
Canonical SMILES

Physical Data

Flash PointNo data available
Refractive indexNo data available
SensitivityNo data available
Melting PointNo data available


No data available

Route of Synthesis (ROS)

No data available

Safety and Hazards

No data available

Other Data

Use Pattern
Zonisamide Sulfonic Acid Impurity is an impurity of API Zonisamide.

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