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    Questions & Answers

    Is ROS of this product available?
    We will check for you after receving your inquiry.
    How soon can I expect a reply after submitting my inquiry?
    We will reply you within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry, letting you know whether the ROS is available.
    What is the general price if the ROS is available?
    We charge USD 49 – USD 139 for each ROS depending on quantity and complexity of available routes.
    What does the ROS look like?
    You may click here to download a sample of ROS.
    How do I pay for your ROS?
    We generally receive payment through Paypal but also accept some other ways like Alipay. If you prefer to pay us by ways other than Paypal, please mention it in “Your Message”.
    Do you accept payment through credit card?
    Sorry but we do not accept credit card payment directly, but you may use your credit card through Paypal.
    Where should I pay for your ROS?
    After confirming the availability of the ROS, we will send an email (So please ensure that your email is correct) including the payment link of Paypal. If you prefer other payment way such as Alipay, please mention it in “Your Message”.
    How soon shall I receive the ROS after payment?
    We will send the ROS by email within 24 hours after confirming your payment. If you do not receive it within 24 hours for any reasons, please submit this form again.
    Can I get refunded after payment?
    We are sorry to say that it can’t be refunded once the ROS has been sent out.