cobaltochelatase EC#:; ChemWhat Code: 1383903

Product Name cobaltochelatase
Example Structure Example Structure of cobaltochelatase EC#:
Synonyms CbiK, CbiXL, cobalt chelatase, cobaltochelatase, CobN-CobST, CobNST, CobN¨CCobST, gene cobN/gene cobS cobaltochelatase, holocobalamin synthase, hydrogenobyrinic acid a,c-diamide cobaltochelatase
EC Number
CAS Registry Number 81295-49-0
Comments This enzyme, which forms part of the aerobic cobalamin biosynthesis pathway, is a type I chelatase, being heterotrimeric and ATP-dependent. It comprises two components, one of which corresponds to CobN and the other is composed of two polypeptides, specified by?cobS?and?cobT?in?Pseudomonas denitrificans, and named CobST [1]. Hydrogenobyrinic acid is a very poor substrate. ATP can be replaced by dATP or CTP but the reaction proceeds more slowly. CobN exhibits a high affinity for hydrogenobyrinic acid?a,c-diamide. The oligomeric protein CobST possesses at least one sulfhydryl group that is essential for ATP-binding. Once the Co2+?is inserted, the next step in the pathway ensures that the cobalt is ligated securely by reducing Co(II) to Co(I). This step is carried out by EC?, cob(II)yrinic acid?a,c-diamide reductase.
Reactions Atp + hydrogenobyrinic acid a,c-diamide + Co(2+) + H(2)O = adp + phosphate + cob(II)yrinic acid a,c-diamide + H(2).

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