General Information

Rohner AG has been blacklisted in ChemWhat due to the long-term and multiple malicious acts of dragging money.

Company Information

Company Name:Rohner AG
Address: Gempenstrasse 6, CH-4133 Pratteln, Switzerland
Website: (Inaccessible)
Responsible Person:Daniel Besnosko (Mr)
Contact Details: Phone +41 61 825 14 05
FAX +41 61 825 12 47
[email protected]

Description of Dishonesty

The accused and his company have long-term and multiple malicious acts of dragging money, and this behavior was condoned by the company. The maximum amount of single arrears confirmed so far exceeds USD 40,000. ChemWhat has confirmed this behavior and submitted an investigation request to the local authorities.

Additionally Found

The company’s local illegal activities such as contaminated groundwater caused its key customers to cancel orders

Follow-up Discovery

Due to continuous complaints and follow-up and its own poor management, Rohner AG has entered the bankruptcy and liquidation process

ChemWhat Statement

The above information has been confirmed by ChemWhat. If you, as the respondent, have any objections to the above information, or wish to reach an understanding with the complainant to be removed from the blacklist, you can contact us by [email protected]