About V.Care Service

Trust is a key facor in business and in everything else and the lack of trust can be costly. ChemWhat V.Care service focuses on solving trust issue in chemical business!

V.Care Team
1. What is V.Care service for?2. How does V.Care solve trust problem?
3. What is “V.Care Report”?4. What does “V.Care Complaint” do?
5. What is “V.Care Certificate”? 6. How does “V.Care Sourcing” charge?
7. How does “V.Care Collect” work?

1. What is V.Care service for?

  • V.Care is a name of service provided by ChemWhat which focuses on solving trust issues in chemical business.
  • You may visit v.care any time.

2. How does V.Care solve trust problem?

  • First, check whether your interested seller/buyer/person has any credit report or negtive history in our database (V.Care Report).
  • Third, search whether your interested seller/buyer holds a V.Care Certificate as well as the credit amount (V.Care Certificate Service).
  • Fourth, we can be a payment intermediary who collects and holds payment from the buyer and releases it until confirmation from the buyer (V.Care Collect Service).
  • Last, we can source products for buyer if the buyer has concerns about the seller’s credit or did not find any sellers at all (V.Care Sourcing Service).

3. What is “V.Care Report”?

  • V.Care database of company credit reports gives you exceptional coverage on business credit information about your existing or future chemical customers and suppliers.
  • V.Care’s instant international credit reports cover companies in over 100 countries, meaning 90% of requested business credit reports are available straight away.
  • For any other international report requests, we will provide a freshly investigated report for guaranteed, up to date and reliable information.

4. What does “V.Care Complaint” do?

  • Did you have bad experiences in your chemical business? If so, this is the right place for you.
  • This is a free service provided by ChemWhat which aims to build a good chemical business environment.
  • You may submit your complaint about any chemical companies by Clicking Here.
  • For malicious deception without positive cooperation, ChemWhat will keep the negtive record in our database and broadcast to all our subscribed sellers and buyers.
  • Click here to know more about “V.Care Complaint”

5. What is “V.Care Certificate”?

  • V.Care Certificate is issued by ChemWhat which states the credit amount offered to a chemical company.
  • The credit amount is based on the security deposit paid by a company to ChemWhat which can be used to make up the loss of other companies who do business with it.
  • If you are doing business with a company holding a V.Care Certificate and suffer loss due to its responsibility , you may get in touch with ChemWhat and expect to get compensate of no more than the credit amount.
  • The companies who can hold V.Care Certificate are not only because they pay security deposit but also because they have good financial situation, excellent R&D or manufacturing capacity and positive credit history. V.Care Certificate is the recognition and affirmation of a company’s comprehensive capabilities.
VCare Certificate Template
Click here to know more about “V.Care Certificate”

6. How does “V.Care Collect” work?

  • “V.Care Collect” is a escrow service provided by ChemWhat.
  • With deep understanding of chemicals’ properties, test methods/conditions, usage, shipment & storage, market and close relationship with chemical companies, institutions universities, ChemWhat has been named NO.1 choice by our customers globally.
  • We will charge 2% of the total transaction amount as the service fee. If it is less than $200, we will charge $200 as the minimum service fee. The fee does not include any bank charges or charges for other service which may be requested in the transaction such as retest, supervision, shipping and etc..
  • If there are any disputes, ChemWhat will be a coordinator to make judgement and give solutions.
  • Click here to know more about “V.Care Collect” service

7. How does “V.Care Sourcing” charge?

  • “V.Care Sourcing” is a paid service which helps chemical buyers find the right product efficiently.
  • The charges of “V.Care Sourcing” can be negotiated depending on the different service combination requested by the buyers. The charge can be either fixed or floated, from either added cost or specific proportion of actual procurement price.
  • “V.Care Sourcing” can be also a pure retest or shipment service.
  • Click here to know more about “V.Care Sourcing” service